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  • Answer to "DO I have to stay with Oktoprint on top of Klipper?"
  • Answer to "DIY Canvas Octoprint Install"
  • Answer to "Palette 3 screen is flashing and lines show on screen"
  • Answer to "Restart pallet+ after problems with update firmware"
  • Answer to "Palette 3 pro shuts down while printing"
  • Answer to "I bought a hub! But there is no memory card so no .bin file"
  • Answer to "Canvas Hub camera URL invalid"
  • Answer to "print action: cancel after 3 layers of print"
  • Answer to "save and return is not a Option when painting"
  • Answer to "Canvas octoprint installer doesn't work in Octoprint Docker container"

Guide Comments

  • Connect Palette 3 to Internet and Canvas
  • Devices and Software FAQ
  • Replacing the Fans
  • Editing Printer Profiles
  • Editing Printer Profiles
  • Canvas Hub S Setup
  • Printer Compatibility with Palette
  • Setup Guide for the CANVAS Hub
  • Multi-Spool Mode for Palette 3
  • Multi-Spool Mode for Palette 3

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