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Gradient mode allows you to create models with a gradual color change throughout the model, allowing for some unique designs. No transition tower is used as the color transitions occur within the print itself. To learn about Gradient mode in Chroma, please see here.

Video Overview

    • Slice a single-body STL model in CANVAS or preferred slicer. Transfer the GCode file to your printer. 

    • Turn on Palette 2 and select Print Modes.

    • Select Gradient, then tap Next.

    • Enter the starting and ending length of filament.

    • This will determine the lengths used for the first and last piece of filament for the print. If you would like the gradient to occur throughout the print, set this value to 0.

    • Set the minimum and maximum length. Load your GCode file into to determine filament length information about your print. 

    • Minimum length: With your model loaded, click Layer Info and examine the layers to find a layer that uses the maximum filament used by layer (mm). Please note that Palette's minimum transition length is 30 mm.

    • Maximum length: Depending on how smooth of a gradient you'd like for your model, you would set the maximum length as a ratio of your minimum length.

    • For example, if you wanted a ratio of 8:1 (8 layers of filament one for 1 layer of filament 2), we multiply the Min Piece Length by 8 and enter it into this field. You would increase this ratio for smoother gradients and vice versa for more distinct color changes.

    • Enter the total print length. 

    • You can find this value on under the Model Info tab. We suggest rounding this value up to ensure that you have enough filament to complete the print.

    • Select the Start With Printer option.

    • The Start Without Printer option will continuously create filament without waiting for an extruder to use the filament. This allows you to feed the spliced filaments onto a spool.

    • Follow the on-screen instructions to load filament and begin the print.


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