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  • Answer to "Calibration and filament loading issues."
  • Answer to "Palette+ SD card data"
  • Answer to "Not possiblöe to the start the Splice Demo"
  • Answer to "Splices are way off, print finishes before splicing is complete."
  • Answer to "Where Is The Post I Made To The Forum?"
  • Answer to "It does not stop making Filament"
  • Answer to "Transition tower is to large when I add supports to an object."
  • Answer to "connecting to Robo R2"
  • Answer to "How to connect the Canvas Hub S into the Robo R2"
  • Answer to "Is Palette 2 (Pro) and CANVAS Hub compatible with AstroPrint?"

Guide Comments

  • Replacing the Encoder
  • Error Numbers
  • Filament Run-out and Back-up Drives
  • Filament Run-out and Back-up Drives
  • Setup Guide: DIY CANVAS Hub (OctoPi + CANVAS and P2 Plugins)
  • Chroma for Palette 2
  • Printer Compatibility with Palette
  • Printer Compatibility with Palette
  • Error Numbers

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