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  • Answer to "How do I change the color at a specific height?"
  • Answer to "The spliced Filament is to long to properly attache the guide tube."
  • Answer to "I can not connect my printer to canvas hub"
  • Answer to "Tronxy D01 printer profile"
  • Answer to "Preparation of Colorizing 3d model"
  • Answer to "Wipe tower is 4x higher than the print"
  • Answer to "How do you keep the spool holder from disassembling?"
  • Answer to "Setups above an enclosure"
  • Answer to "What splice numbers should I use for ASA to ASA splicing"
  • Answer to "problem palette 2 pro"

Guide Comments

  • Firmware Update
  • Moving the Cutter Blade and Drives
  • Canvas Hub (S) Factory Reset
  • Setup Guide for the CANVAS Hub
  • Firmware Update
  • Canvas Hub Network Connection Troubleshooting
  • Printer Compatibility with Palette
  • Printer Compatibility with Palette
  • Firmware Update
  • Chroma V3.2.2

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