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Multi-spool mode allows Palette to automatically switch to a different input when a spool of filament runs out. This allows users to splice spools of filament together or to create large, multi-spool prints.

Video Overview

    • Slice a single-body STL model in CANVAS or your preferred slicer. Transfer the GCode file to your printer.

    • Turn on Palette 2 and select Print Modes.

    • Select Multi-Spool, then tap Next.

    • You'll be able to select the order of inputs for Palette to pull filament from. Tap the inputs you would like to use, and tap Next.

    • Select the Material being used for the print.

    • Follow the on-screen instructions to load filament and begin the print.


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Does this require an MAF code, or can you run it more simply? The gradient and pattern modes run too fast for my printers (causing coiling problems), so wondering if this is ok to use to just run alongside the printers.

Sean Tapscott - Reply

Thanks, Alina, this helps a lot. I figured the “Start With Printer” mode would require a USB connection which I do not intend to implement.

Sean Tapscott -

Hey Sean, Multi Spool Mode does not require an MAF file. You simply load the GCode to your printer and then select this mode in Palette. If you choose “start with printer'“ then Palette will not make filament unless the buffer switch is triggered. This way, it should not be too fast for your printer because it will not splice any filament unless your printer needs it.

Alina -

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