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by Hana


Side Transitioning allows you to select a specific region to the side of the bed where you would like your printer to transition between filaments. It's a great option to clear up some bed space and reduce print time by extruding faster. Side Transitioning is only possible on printers with nozzles that can move off of their print beds.

Video Overview

  1. On, go to the side menu and go to: Printers > Select Your Printer > Printer Settings > Transition
    • On, go to the side menu and go to: Printers > Select Your Printer > Printer Settings > Transition

    • Select the side transition type to be used. With 'Along edge' selected,, you can select which edge of the bed and how far off the bed the nozzle should move to. This option is used for printers that extrude too quickly while not moving.

    • With 'In place' selected, you can enter X/Y coordinates for the nozzle to move to.

    • Save your settings.

  2. Start a new project or open an existing one.
    • Start a new project or open an existing one.

    • Go to Settings > Expand the Transition tab. Change the transition type from transition tower to side transitions to use the settings you created within your printer profile. Save your settings.

    • Slice the project. The print preview will display the edge where the side transitioning will occur, or if transitions are occurring on the bed, previewing the travel movements will show the coordinates selected in your printer profile.


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Is there a list of printers which support moving the printhead off the bed? Can we have a little more information about how to use this?

Do side transitions save material? It seems like it would as we don’t need to build up tower supporting layers.

Ben Williams - Reply

We don’t have a list currently, but can try to put one together for the future. Side transitioning helps to save material and time as it can extruder very quickly without any concern about adhesion to the bed/tower.

Jonny Yeu -

@hana I posted about side transitions not creating GCode and it just sits on the model and doen’ts do anything when moving to side of the bed.

I think here is a bug but I can’t find my post. i was asked to share my project and did. CAn you help. Side transition seems to not generate any code in Canvas to actually do the transition. If I add Gcode to move to -10 - 10 on my bed the head will move there but doesn’t do anything and moves back……

Aaron berson - Reply

Hey @aberson, thank you for bringing this to my attention. Do you mind sending over the Canvas project to as well as the G-code? I will have my team review it to determine if there is a bug. Thank you!

Hana -

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