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by Guy Elston


In this guide you will learn how to flash the OS image onto the compute module on Palette 3.

    • Ensure the power is unplugged before starting this process

    • Remove the screen cover

    • Undo the thumbscrew holding the splice core in place. Lift the Splice Core out of your Palette.

    • Unplug your unit, hold the button located under the Splice Core, while plugging your unit back in.

    • Hold the button for an additional 10 seconds and then release.

    • Insert the USB cable into Palette and connect it to your computer.

    • Visit this link to download the image file.

    • Unzip the file and save it to your computer.

    • Open BalenaEtcher in your web browser.

    • Upload the image file that was downloaded in the previous step.

    • For "Drives" select the RaspberryPi. Then, follow the prompts to install the drives.

    • If your Pi does not appear in the Drives section, please run the bootloader program.

    • After they are downloaded, click Flash! This should take a few moments to upload.

    • Re-start your Palette by unplugging it and plugging it back in.

    • Re-assemble your Palette (re-insert the splice core, place top lid back on).


If you have any additional questions, please email us at!

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this is absolutely absurd. why should i have to do all this to a very expensive piece of equipment that only functions half ass…you guys sucker punched many this time

Rich Reinke - Reply

Hi Rich, this issue occurs very rarely and we wanted to provide steps so that it can be repaired remotely in order to save downtime. If your unit still does not work after re-flashing the Pi, then we can definitely return it to our offices and repaired if needed.

Jonny Yeu -

This worked fantastically to get my P3 unbricked! Thank you!

Jye English - Reply

this procedure worked great thanks for your help - Reply

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