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by Frank Rupert Catapang

    • A way to check this would be to run Splice Demo > Without Printer mode as this allows you to physically measure and visually inspect the splices yourself to see if they appear too skinny or too wide in diameter or if they are irregular in any other way.

    • If you find that splices are too thick or too thin, use our Splice Tuning mode, which will allow you to adjust the Heat and Compression values in order to find the perfect balance for your filament. We've found that filaments splice best if they are of the same brand and have similar printing/melting temperatures.

    • Re-positioning the Scroll Wheel might help alleviate some stress on the filament between the encoder and the pinch wheel, and you would also want to make sure that there are no extreme bends in the Teflon tubing. You can see some positioning suggestions in our Setup Guide.

    • Ensure that the Teflon tube clip is secured to your printer's extruder. Constraining this tube should help protect your splices and make sure they're not undergoing any significant stress. If the Teflon tube clip you received with your Palette/Palette+ does not fit comfortably on your extruder, we have other models you can try here.


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