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    Brennan Foo

    George, WOW! Thank you so very much for sharing your experience using Palette+ with the world. We love how many of Palette+'s nuances you captured. Our whole team was really excited to hear about your experience.

    Also, you don't need me to tell you this, but I feel compelled to comment anyway: I was blown away by all the little things in your videos (the way the cuts sync to the music, the narrative and structure of your communication, the editing, the sheer production quality) — so, so cool. Many of us at Mosaic are looking forward to watching your channel grow.

    Some suggestions for if you're continuing to explore Palette+:

    - If you want to dig deep into the technical side of how Palette+ works, we chat all about how Palette+ works in our blog. This post discuss Palette's splicing mechanism (this is Palette v1.0 where the hot tool made direct contact with the filament; Palette+ is similar but the filament is constrained in a tube during heating). This post discusses Palette's adjustable constant-distance drives (the precision with which they are tuned is the main reason behind the calibration warnings in Palette's internals). This post talks about pinging (how Palette monitors the printer's progress during the print), this post discusses how Palette adjusts each filament segment length based on the its pinging systems, and this post is when we first introduced Chroma.

    - You might also find the Multi-Material Guide and Splice Tuning Guide useful; the former dives into different material combinations with Palette; the latter discusses how to tune Palette's splicing settings (heat & compression) to work with your specific filament.

    - If you haven't explored all of Chroma's fun features, you might be interested in this list. Chroma can create MSF files that allow you to make patterned prints or prints with gradients, like this. You might also consider checking out these features that help reduce waste.

    - Just so you know, we're also working on software to help make slicing, coloring, and customizing models easier. You can find more about this on our software page (see CANVAS).

    Thank you again for sharing your experience, and please don't hesitate to reach out if you ever run into any snags! Jonny and the rest of our team are here for you. Happy Palette+ printing!


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    Georges Gadgets

    Brennan, thank you so much for the kind words.  I really have been trying to get better with every video.  The Palette is such a cool product and you have just given me a TON more stuff I can do videos on.  I will be stopping by your guys booth at ERRF so look out for the shiny bald head in the crowd ;)

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