Removing a Filament Jam

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    If you are getting jams and running standard splice settings, try increasing the heat by 2 and reducing the compression by 3. This will drastically reduce how much the molten filament is pressed into the teflon splice core liner. Once you have a jam the liner is done as you will see the splice will have a pretty big step in the diameter and will have left residue behind in the teflon tube, it needs to be replaced once you have a jam so just pull the whole tube ot with the jam and replace it. .

    You can also spray a little silicon spray on your filament while it is on the spool or alternatively tou can wipe down the first 30cm of each filament with some silicon spray on paper towel. This will prevent splice jams (about 14hrs for wipe and about 3-4 days if you spray the roll) and will not affect your print quality or strength of layer bonds. Extensive testing has shown using the silicon spray prevents any further splice jams as well as increasing the length of time a splice core teflon liner last by near 5 times longer. It is also recommended to spray the teflon line before inserting it into the splice core (I soak mine overnight).

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    You don't say how to remove outgoing tube.  It's held in by metal fangs.  Please be more thorough in your explanations.


    "Remove the outgoing tube to pull the previously jammed filament out. Select Finished once the filament has been unloaded."

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