P2 Error Numbers

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    Stan Fisher

    you don't have error 312 listed..  I got this when I tried to update firmware fresh out of the box...  I ended up bricked after trying to recover via firmware updater..  and had to follow the "Screen firmware troubleshooting guide" and jumper the display board etc.  


    Update:   The description you added doesn't match that which is displayed with a 312.

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    Jonny Yeu

    Thanks, Stan! I'll update this page with the 312 error.

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    Frank Gnutzmann

    I got the 43 Error. But i couldn´t continue printing as the Palette2pro didn´t produce Filament anymore and the Filament was tangling loose arround in the buffer. Am working on stationary Transistion. Maybe the pullout is to fast? Trying a print w/ a Tower now.

    The Screen worked fine and the Reset Button shown was responsive. What else could Error 43 mean?

    Edit: the error could be reproduced w/ the same mcf file

    The last slice, after what he failed, was only ~3.6 cm Long. Could that be a reason?

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    Jonny Yeu

    Thanks for sharing, Frank! Could you please send us the MCF file that you experienced this issue with? support@mosaicmfg.com

    I'm not sure if that length of filament would have caused the issue, but we'll take a look!

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    I just got an Error 43 where the palette 2 didn't continue the print.  Very frustrating after 10 hours of printing to look over at the printer and it's doing nothing in mid-air about 3 layers up.  As for the idea that it could be a super short segment producing the error, I was doing a print of the "Stuart the Rabbit Multi color" off of thingiverse and it had gotten to the part where it was doing the pupils of the eyes, but it was fine doing the little pink nose by itself so I don't know.

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    Jonny Yeu

    Sorry to hear that, arleas. Could you please send us your octoprint.log file from when you received the 43 error (support@mosaicmfg.com)? This would provide us with information about what may have caused this issue. We're working on helping to avoid these errors, and the log files can help us isolate the issue.

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    Kurt Skauen

    I have the same problem.

    The Palette 2 is the first appliance I have had in a very long time that I have to constantly power cycle because it hangs or just stop working (like empty file list when trying to start a print). Luckily so far it has mostly happen during initiation of a print.

    In general it seems that it must be power cycled between each print because it ends up in a broken state.

    But now I have a print that persistently fail within the first 5-10 layers. It is sliced with Simplify3D and converted using Chroma. It use 3 colors and is the first print where I have tried to use side-purge. So that might be related. It prints for a while and then I get error 43 before it cut the filament and stop splicing in more.

    I then gave up on multi-color printing and decided to try the multi-spool option to empty a few almost empty spools on a single-color print. I loaded up 3 spools in input 1-3 and started a print.

    Half way through the first layer it simply stopped feeding in new filament from the first spool. The printer drained the buffer, the blue light came on, and the printer extruder started grinding away on the filament.

    I'm soon ready to take a sledge hammer to my Palette 2...

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    Jonny Yeu

    Hi Kurt, I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue as well. If you're using a CANVAS Hub, could you please send us your octoprint.log files as well (support@mosaicmfg.com)? We've also found that some users were running plugins on their OctoPrint that were causing connection issues with their CANVAS Hub/Palette plugins, causing frequent 43 errors. We also expect to have a firmware release either today or tomorrow that should help with side transitioning issues.

    We're very sorry for the frustration that you've been experiencing but please feel free to reach out to us at anytime, we would be more than happy to help! 

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    Frank Gnutzmann


    after the last update from the Mosaic Plugins on my Octoprint i had the same issues with the need to restart the Palette2 between the prints. But i had also problems with autoconnect to the Palette2 from Octopi.

    I changed the USB Ports from the Printer and the Palette2. Now the Printer use usb1 and the palette2 usb0. Since then the autoconnect worked properly again and i didn´t had to Restart the Palette2 between the prints anymore.



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