Troubleshooting Firmware Update

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    Serge-Antoine Cote

    Anyone else got the "Incorrect Major Screen Version" error? I can't manage to update the firmware because of that.

    UPDATE: So I got it working and what I had to do is press the reset button on the palette 2 screen right AFTER I started injecting the code in the firmware updater. Otherwise it seems like the palette doesn't understand it has to let the updater do it's job. I hope the is helpful to anyone here with the same problem.

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    Jonny Yeu

    Hi Serge, please power-cycle your Palette and attempt to upload the zip files to each portion individually (Main, Screen, Graphics). We've found that power-cycling Palette can help to solve this issue, and we're currently working on updates to make this process much smoother.

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    Josh Hopkins

    I got the same issue as Serge above, and had to do the disassembly and jumper the screen to get it to finally take the new firmware. Even then I'm noticing a few bugs with the interface. Hopefully they fix the firmware update tool. Seems to me like it should try to update the screen first before it does the main board.

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