Connected Mode Calibration Print (CANVAS Hub / OctoPrint CANVAS Plugin)

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    Alex Emelianov

    "Send to CANVAS Hub" option is missing, just "Download". My hub is visible in my account. I'm stuck.

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    Jonny Yeu

    Hey Alex, there's a few things I would check:

    • Please ensure that your Palette is set to Connected in CANVAS:
    • In OctoPrint under the CANVAS tab, do you see that the connection status is set to 'connected'?
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    Alex Emelianov

    It's fixed now. I believe this was the sequence: created new printer and a new project in Canvas, then connected the Hub -- no way to send that project to the hub, even though everything is connected and the hub is listed on my account.

    Deleted the project, deleted printer profile, started over AFTER the Hub was connected -- now I have the "Send to Hub" button.

    By the way, is there a way to use downloaded files (gcode and maf) in the Hub without sending them from CANCAS? For example, if I generate them in Chroma, and I have the Hub connected to the Palette and the printer, can I use the Hub interface to print it without SD cards?

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