Setup Guide: DIY CANVAS Hub (OctoPi + CANVAS and P2 Plugins)

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    Donovan Meyers

    You might want to say upgrade to the latest *stable* version of Octoprint. There are some Release Candidates out right now.

    But thank you so much for allowing us to control our Palette 2s with our existing OctoPi!

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    Bill Marquette

    I couldn't connect to my Palette 2 from Octoprint until the Palette was at it's home screen.

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    Donovan Meyers

    Me again. :)

    I just followed these instructions and it went really smoothly. Very clear.

    I didn't run into what Bill mentioned, possibly because I poked at the touchscreen while OctoPrint was restarting (before I linked Canvas and connected to Palette 2 Pro). It was asking me about tube length.

    To nitpick, in #10, any tab can be across the top, or on the dropdown. Maybe these instructions are tailored toward the most basic install. For me, both CANVAS and Palette 2 were in the dropdown, because I have extra plugins installed that add tabs so the top row was full. Someone with fewer tabs might have both CANVAS and Palette 2 across the top.

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    Benoit Valin

    Quick tip:  The Canvas plugin seems to only works on a Raspberry Pi, I've tried on Udoo's and Beagle Boards and the CANVAS plugin simply can't connect the account...

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