Setup Guide: DIY CANVAS Hub (OctoPi + CANVAS and P2 Plugins)

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    Donovan Meyers

    You might want to say upgrade to the latest *stable* version of Octoprint. There are some Release Candidates out right now.

    But thank you so much for allowing us to control our Palette 2s with our existing OctoPi!

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    Bill Marquette

    I couldn't connect to my Palette 2 from Octoprint until the Palette was at it's home screen.

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    Donovan Meyers

    Me again. :)

    I just followed these instructions and it went really smoothly. Very clear.

    I didn't run into what Bill mentioned, possibly because I poked at the touchscreen while OctoPrint was restarting (before I linked Canvas and connected to Palette 2 Pro). It was asking me about tube length.

    To nitpick, in #10, any tab can be across the top, or on the dropdown. Maybe these instructions are tailored toward the most basic install. For me, both CANVAS and Palette 2 were in the dropdown, because I have extra plugins installed that add tabs so the top row was full. Someone with fewer tabs might have both CANVAS and Palette 2 across the top.

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    Benoit Valin

    Quick tip:  The Canvas plugin seems to only works on a Raspberry Pi, I've tried on Udoo's and Beagle Boards and the CANVAS plugin simply can't connect the account...

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    I had a major issue where when I autoload the filaments or load it manually, as soon as the printer was starting, it was retracting what was fed in the extruder.

    I finally found what was the problem and I hope you will make a note on your support page in this section. I figured that my problem relied with OctoPrint since 2 different printers with different start and end gcodes were acting the same.

    It appears that in Octoprint I had a gcode script for the ‘after resume’. I had to disable that and now everything work as a charm. After losing 2 rolls of filament and a lot (about 2 months of trial and error), I’m finally able to print in color with my printers.

    Please, please, please, mention that in the Support section as to avoid all frustrations users might have with the same issue.

    Thank you.

    André 😉

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    Jonny Yeu

    Thanks for sharing, André! I'll update the article to note this information.

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