Using Chroma with Palette 2

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    This looks great Jonny!  When will you be posting v3.1 for download?

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    Jonny Yeu

    Thanks! We'll have the update ready by the end of the week. Chroma will prompt you to update once everything is ready.

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    Korey MacGill

    Hello, i've been trying the 2 color keychain using chroma to slice up my gcode from cura, and i've had mixed results, after a few prints, i tried moving to a 4 color mario print ya'll have on thingiverse, and i just can't get any of the colors to work right. so i think my offsets really far off. 


    however when i went back to chroma to do another keychain, i noticed that the default settings that start up are now gone, since i've fiddled with them and experimented, where is the/ is there a "reset to default" button anywhere that will reset the prime tower settings to what it was when i first installed?


    much appreciated! this thing is such a fun journey!

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    Jonny Yeu

    Hey Korey, thanks for your message, I'm glad that you're enjoying the Palette experience so far! There's a few things I'd like to share with you:

    • If you're using Cura with Chroma, please follow the steps here ( We've seen that newer versions of Cura add some additional GCode that can cause issues, so we'd recommend using V3.2-3.3 for best results
    • If you're having issues with color placement, it's likely an issue with calibration. If possible, could you please send us pictures of your keychain calibration print and the bottom of the transition tower? This can provide us with with information about your loading offset (
    • There's no way to reset the transition tower to the original position, but if you double click the transition tower, you'll enable the control settings where you can move the tower and adjust the dimensions:

    • If you're still experiencing issues, please feel free to e-mail us pictures of your prints and we can provide further assistance (!

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