Single Color Mode

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    Seems like I am the first one to try this feature or this problem occurs only on my Palette 2 pro, but regardless of my color choice, Palette always pulls filament  from input 1. And yes I updated yesterday as soon as I unpacked my Palette. The lights are also lit on every Input i chose so filament should be inserted correct.

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    Bill Marquette

    Same just happened to me - firmware version 1.0.1.

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    Daniel Leon-Guerrero

    Same for me...

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    JonEric Eubanks

    Did they fix the issue Palette always pulls filament  from input 1?

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    Kerry Emery

    I did my first print via the palette 2 pro yesterday to my prusa/bear mk3 using Input 2 and it came out great, It was a single colour print mind so I wasnt expecting anything less than great.

    My only bug bear is after the print finished I had to press stop on palette which resulted in the cutter chopping off over a metre of wasted pla, can i unload it from the printer when complete and then jog it back through the palette so only a small amount is chopped off.

    The other thing is where do the cut ends of filament go because I havent found any information on needing to empty waste from the palette





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