Multi-Spool Mode

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    Donovan Meyers

    Is this limited to 4 spools/pieces? When one runs out it doesn't seem to fully unload it, nor do I see a way to reload a drive in the middle of a print. I'd like to be able to reuse 1-2m lengths of filament waste from failed prints and bowden tube leftovers, but I'd need to use more than 4 pieces for a print of any size.

    If this is the case, how can I create a feature request?

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    Tim Truong

    Agreed with Donovan.  I have a lot of 1m lengths of filament from the Bowden tube leftovers that I can't re-use in my immediate next print because all the spools slots are taken for the different colors.  It would be great if they can add a feature where it can splice the leftover filaments without having to run a print.

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    John Welch

    Can Mosaic please respond here? I don't want to switch to a new color. I want to continue by refilling the missing color. Can this be done?

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    Michael Moncrief

    I am waiting on my Palette 2, so I can't speak from experience.  Maybe when the print ends, you just feed the newly created line back in one slot and add to it from the other three slots?  

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