Accessory Mode Calibration Print (SD card)

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    Danal Estes

    Fantastic.  I like the "multi step with animated gif" MUCH MUCH better than a full video.  Personal preference... thanks for providing both!

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    Adalyn O

    Thanks for the feedback Danal! Please let us know if there's anything else we can help with in the future.

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    Huib Schippers - VRobot

    Fantastic run-through of all steps. The first time it's baffling how much thought has gone into developing the pallet series. Huge respect for your achivements. You have changed the 3D printer (FDM) world for good!! Thank you for your quality product!

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    Roger M

    The link in "You've now completed your first print, click here to determine if it was successful." results in a 500 error (page does not exist, dead link)?


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    Step 10 really should say "any hint of color",  as Mitch stated in the live stream. This is an important detail. 

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    Manmeet S

    Thank you for the feedback Roger M and Wmmc01 both suggestions/fixes should now be reflected in the updated article.

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