Connecting to CANVAS Hub

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    Serge-Antoine Cote

    What if it says the DNS address cannot be reached thus preventing me from connecting to the hub's website therefore preventing me from setting it up?

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    Jermaul West

    Same problem. Can not connect to the hub. try 3 browser and 2 laptops.



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    Jonny Yeu

    If you're unable to connect via DNS, please find the IP address of your Hub and enter this in the URL field of your browser. We have found that some users have found success by using this address instead.

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    Serge-Antoine Cote

    For those wondering how to get the IP address here's the easiest way:

    1. Connect to the CANVAS Hub
    2. Open Command Prompt ( windows button+R then type "cmd" and press ENTER)
    3. Type "ipconfig" and press enter.
    4. Find the IP written right next to "Default Gateway". That's the IP address of your CANVAS Hub.
    5. Type the IP in the search bar and it should work.

    At least that worked for me!

    Thanks to Jonny for the solution!

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    Jermaul West

    So this lets me connect the canvas hub but doesnt let me set it up to my wifi

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