Gradient Mode (Chroma)

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    Joe Bruno

    Can we get more info/examples here? If I wanted to create a smooth gradient where there were less noticeable bands of single colors, what would the numbers look like? You guys had a yellow and blue vase that looked like there was some green in it. How was that made? 

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    Jonny Yeu

    Hey Joe, the smoothness of your gradient pattern would depend on the total length of your print and the difference between the min and max values. Longer prints enable you to create a larger distance between the two, and the bigger the gap between the min and max, the smoother the gradient. 

    The blending of the yellow and blue can cause bleed in the model as transitions between the color actually occur in the model. This is what is causing the green effect.

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    Simon Young

    will this feature be made available in Canvas ?

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    Jonny Yeu

    Hey Simon, we built Gradient mode directly into Palette 2 ( and do plan to build it into CANVAS in the future.

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