Does Palette work with dual extruder printers?

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    Patrick Pirker

    Is there an update on this topic?

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    Jonny Yeu

    Hi Patrick, we're still working on building this compatibility, but if you'd like to print in more than 4 colors, we also have a few alternatives. We have our Change Filament mode ( where you can pause a print, swap filament, and continue the print. Here's a recent Earth print using this method. You can also create Custom MSF files that can help splice together strands of multiple colors that can be fed into your printer. We printed a Unicorn in this way!

    Once we have some news on dual-extruder compatibility, we'll be sure to update this page.

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    David Olney

    I'd like to add demand for this feature. I am a graduate student researcher and am very interested in using Palette in a dual extrusion printer to print not only different colors at 1 temperature, but a second material at a different temperature on the unused dual extruder nozzle. Of course, I'd really love to use 2 Palettes to print up to 8 colors/materials at 2 different temperatures!

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    Jonny Yeu

    Thanks for the feedback, David! We do plan on building this compatibility into our CANVAS software in the near future, so please stay tuned. You can read more about this here:

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    Brandon Meyer

    I wanted to add to the chatter here with my support for this feature.  My intention would be to print dissolvable support material from one head, then use the Palette on the other head for multi-color.  It would be just to wonderous!

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    Hudson Turman

    I am also interested in this feature. I'd love to be able to use two pallets on a dual extruder printer!

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    Duncan Kimpton

    Also interested in the ability to print multiple colours along with dissolvable supports. Seems like a killer combo. Adding my comment so that I can hopefully get notified when you eventually crack this feature.

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