PTFE/Teflon Guide Tube Clip

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    Jonny Yeu

    Hey Jason, here's a user-made clip for their Titan extruder:

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    Jonny Yeu

    Hey Ryan, you can find additional information on how we design guide clips here:

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    Ryan Turner

    What is recommended for extruders that already have a bowden push to connect input?  Is the pallet tube a standard 2mm ID and 4mm OD tube?

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    Jason Znack

    Can you recommend a tube clip that would work well for the E3D Titan Aero? I've got an adapter tube that fits the larger Palette tube on one end and the smaller Aero tube on the other, but it's not exactly stable and the thinner aero tube has a tendency to kink from the weight of the larger palette tube pulling on it. I've worked out a system of binder clips to keep it upright but it's pretty ghetto.

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