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by Jonny Yeu


If your Palette is turned on but you're unable to read your LCD screen, please check the following options.

    • Check the screen cable connections within your Palette. Please refer to this article to check the connections.

  1. Adjust the contrast potentiometer on the back of the LCD screen.
    • Adjust the contrast potentiometer on the back of the LCD screen.

    • To do this, take a Phillips head screwdriver to adjust the dial while the screen is on so that you can adjust until the screen is to your liking.

    • Please be careful to avoid any metal parts near the potentiometer with the screwdriver as this may short your screen.

    • The blank screen may be caused by static in the printing area around Palette+. In order to help avoid this issue, please print 8 plastic washers which you can install on each screw on the screen. You would place a washer between the screw and screen. Download the STL here.


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