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by Frank Rupert Catapang


When Palette needs to change colours, you have a few options:  Transition towers, Infill transitions, Side transitioning, and others.  To learn the difference, see here.

We recommend using transition towers, as this is the best way to make sure that you get clean prints by ensuring that you clear the nozzle of the previous filament.

However, if you do decide to use side transitioning, you may run into an issue where the filament strings from your model to your side transitioning pile.

    • Make the retraction bigger.  Side transitioning is not recommended for parts more than a few cm tall because the bed doesn't provide much resistance to wipe the filament off the nozzle when it's lower down.

    • The side transition pile can really start to build up during prints. Clearing out the areas where it's transitioning so that the material can drop down further may also help with this.

    • You can model a block next to the model so that the nozzle will wipe on this tower when moving from the model to the side of the bed.

    • There's no advanced programming that helps to determine how much of a mess is creating during a print, or even to enable the printer to stagger the locations of the dumps. Basically, side transitioning is ideal for shorter prints, both in duration/# of transitions and in height.


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