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by Frank Rupert Catapang


This guide will take you through setting up Slic3r/PrusaSlicer to work with Chroma and Palette.

Note: This guide assumes that PrusaSlicer/Slic3r has already been successfully configured for your printer.

    • Application Preferences:  Ensure Mode is set to Expert

    • Printer Settings > General

    • Set Extruders to 4 (settings from Extruder 1 will be copied to Extruders 2–4)

    • Change Retraction when tool is disabled settings for Extruders 1–4

    • Set Length to 0

    • Set Extra length on restart to 0

    • Dual-extruders: ensure that Extruder 2 settings match Extruder 1 settings (particularly Extruder offset being 0 and 0)

    • Printer Settings > Custom GCode

    • Dual-extruders: ensure your Start GCode and end GCode don’t include any nozzle priming or temperature settings for extruders other than T0      

    • Print Settings > Skirt and Brim

    • Set Loops (minimum) to 0

    • Set Minimum extrusion length to 0

    • Print Settings > Output Options

    • Ensure Complete individual objects is unchecked

    • Save this print configuration for future re-use

    • Plater

    • Select the print and printer configurations that were just saved

    • Select the same filament configuration in all four extruder drop-downs

    • Load in ONE of the STLs you would like to print, rather than all of them

    • Double-click on the STL preview on the bed

    • Click Load part… and select the rest of the STLs

    • For each STL, select the extruder to be used for that STL

    • Click OK when all STLs have been mapped to an extruder. That’s it! Click Export Gcode… and you’re ready to load the file into Chroma.

    • For Slic3r Prusa Edition, there is a G4 ;wait configured in the END GCODE as a default. Chroma will provide an error as it is expecting a value after the G4 command (Chroma does helpfully tell you a recommend value). To avoid this, you'll need to either delete this line from your end sequence or modify it to take a numeric value. 

    • Please ensure Print setting/Multiple Extruders/Wipe tower is not checked off as Chroma will produce a wipe tower for you that is compatible.

    • We would also suggest reviewing the default start sequence as there is a flow rate modifier that may cause issues with pings:

    • M221 S{if layer_height==0.05}100{else}95{endif}

    • This command will get processed at slice-time and will result in the command 'M221 S95'. Chroma will not take this command into account and can cause issues with low pings.

    • To fix this issue, please remove this line from the starting GCode and lower the extrusion multiplier to compensate.

    • If you've sliced your project and the transition tower is unreasonably large, please check that the following settings are adjusted:

    • Please ensure that all the min/max layer heights are the same across all 4 extruders.

    • Check that your Contact Z distance is the same as your layer height.

    • Check that you've disabled Slic3r's wipe tower.

    • Lastly, please turn off Variable Layer Heights.

    • For users who would like to use Slic3r's features without having to process the file through Chroma, there's a user-made plugin called P2PP that creates the necessary files directly in Slic3r. For more information, please see here.


If you have any questions, please contact us at

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I am getting the error of “No transitions in print”. Are there any common user mistakes I am making?

R Reynolds - Reply

I am getting the error “Line 12124: Invalid percentage value 'undefined' supplied as argument”, I don’t know how to fix it…

Alberto - Reply

Hi Alberto, please send us your GCode file ( and we can review your file to solve this issue.

Jonny Yeu -


Have the same issue what was the fix?

Thomasghislain -

I have the same issue, what’s the fix ?

Thomasghislain - Reply

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