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by Frank Rupert Catapang


This error can happen at the beginning of a print, where Palette will proceed to the the "Splicer > Homing" step and remain there. This usually refers to the hot tool being stuck to the Teflon block, which restricts it from hitting the limit switch to signal Palette to proceed to the next step. If you are receiving this error, please follow these steps.

  1. Turn off your Palette and remove the top lid.
    • Turn off your Palette and remove the top lid.

    • Examine the position of your hot tool. You should see that the hot tool is stuck against the Teflon block.

    • Carefully move the hot tool away from the Teflon block and examine the splicing area for any blockages. Sometimes the hot tool can be stuck because of loose or melted filament. If you do see some filament blockage, please refer to this support article. If your hot tool is not aligned properly, please follow the steps in this support article.

    • Restart Palette and try to run another print. Palette should proceed to the Splicer > Homing step, where you will see the hot tool press against the Teflon block, bounce back, and hit the limit switch (highlighted in the green circle). Once this happens, it will automatically proceed to the next step.

    • Replace the top lid to your Palette.


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