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by Frank Rupert Catapang


If you're using a MakerBot 5th Gen printer and are slicing with Simplify3D, please follow these steps to import our slicing profile.

    • If Simplify3D is already set up for your printer:

    • Click Add under Processes if no processes exist yet.

    • If there is a process, select it and click Edit Process Settings.

    • If Simplify3D is not already set up for your printer:

    • Go to Help > Configuration Assistant and select your printer model.

    • Click Edit Process Settings.

    • Click Show Advanced at the bottom-left of the window.

    • Scripts tab:  

    • In Starting Script, change “M126 S[fan_speed_pwm]” to “M106 S[fan_speed_pwm]”.

    • In Ending Script, change “M127 ; stop blower fan” to “M107 ; stop blower fan”.

    • Change Export file format from “Makerbot 5th Generation (.makerbot)” to “Standard G-Code (.gcode)".

    • Other tab:    

    • Set Tool change retraction distance to 0.

    • Set Tool change extra restart distance to 0.

    • Click Save As New at the top-right of the window and give your profile a good name (tip – including Palette in the name will help you keep track!).


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