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by Frank Rupert Catapang


This guide will take you through setting up KISSlicer to work with Chroma and Palette.

Note: This guide assumes that KISSlicer has already been successfully configured for your printer, and that you are using KISSlicer PRO.

    • Profile Settings: Ensure Settings Level is set to "Expert"

    • Printer Tab:

    • Hardware: set Number of extruders to 4

    • Extruder Hardware: ensure Ext #2-4 settings match Ext #1 settings

    • Ext Map tab: select the same material profile for extruder 1-4

    • Printer GCode tab:

    • Ensure Warm Same Ext, Cool Same Ext, and Cool & Retire Old Ext only contains, '; empty' and the field is not left empty

    • Ensure that the Select New Ext & Warm field includes only a toolchange command (e.g. “T<EXT+0>”)

    • Dual-extruders: ensure your Prefix and Postfix don’t include any nozzle priming or temperature settings for extruders other than T0

    • Style Tab: ensure "Joint" is checked

    • Support Tab: Ensure “Zgap” and “1st Zgap” are set to 0

    • Matl Tab: Ensure “PreloadVE” is set to 0      

    • Misc. tab: ensure “Multiple Object Print Order” is set to “Simultaneous”

    • Load in ALL the STLs you would like to print in the same import

    • In the sidebar, click on the STL group that was just imported

    • Expand the Object tree so that each STL is visible

    • For each STL, click the STL to select it and select the extruder to be used to print it.

    • Close the window when all STLs have been mapped to an extruder.

    • That’s it! Click Slice and then Save, and you’re ready to load the file into Chroma.


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