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by Frank Rupert Catapang


To ensure that you're using the latest Palette 2 features, we recommend installing the most recent version of our updater before using your Palette 2. Please follow these steps to update your Palette 2's firmware.

If you experience any issues when updating, please see our support article.

Please note that by downloading the firmware update, you've agreed to our User License Agreement.

Firmware Release Notes



No parts specified.

    • Open your Palette 2 package and remove your Palette 2 unit, power cable, and USB cable. Connect your Palette 2 to power to turn it on and then to your computer. To help the updater recognize the port for your Palette, try unplugging other USB devices.

  1. in a Mac book pro with Mac OS Big Sur it docent let me open the installer.

    nicolasgarcia12 - Reply

    Hey Nicolas, are you able to go into system preferences -> security and give permission to install the updater?

    Alina -


    i am Thomas and just have received the Palette 2S Pro.

    Now i am trying to get the actual operating software, but this doesn’t work.

    The response is:

    Screen Board (1 of 3 Initializing): Error (Opening COM3: Access denied)

    What to do?

    Thomas Quappe - Reply


    it’s Thomas again. I eliminated all USB-plugs, except the necessary ones for tastature and mouse.

    Got the same error as described before!

    Please help, what to do?

    Thomas Quappe - Reply

    For your knowledge: i am using Windows 10 Pro, latest update.

    Thomas Quappe - Reply


    It’s Thomas again. You say, that i should remove all USB-connections, except that one for Mosaic.

    But how should i use mouse and tastature? That’s impossible!!

    What to do????

    Thomas Quappe - Reply

    Hey Thomas, I believe we are working on this issue over email - please check back there for the latest updates. If other users are experiencing the “access denied” error, please make sure that the COM port chosen on the updater is for Palette, and that all programs using serial communications (i.e. other slicers, Arduino) are closed.

    Alina -

  2. Follow the on-screen instructions and click "Install Latest."
    • Follow the on-screen instructions and click "Install Latest."

  3. Once the firmware is updated, you will receive the following message, and you can unplug your unit from your computer.
    • Once the firmware is updated, you will receive the following message, and you can unplug your unit from your computer.


If you have any additional questions, please contact us

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On MacOS (10.15) I got an error saying that the Palette 2s couldn’t be found. I power cycled it, removed the USB cable, plugged it back in, then got another error stating that the device was busy. This time I switched USB ports to a different one on my mac and it worked.

Rob - Reply

Glad to hear that worked! Please let us know if you run into any other issues.

Alina - Reply

There’s definitely a problem with the updater on MacOS 10.15.6. It would not detect the Palette 2S until I power cycled my MacBook Pro and Palette 2s. I’m using a 2018 15” MacBook Pro and a UGREEN USB-C hub.

Anthony - Reply

Hey @sad_salad, thanks for bringing this to our attention. Sometimes you do need to power cycle to help the updater recognize Palette. Please let us know if you run into any other issues!

Alina - Reply

trying to upload firmware and will not recognize unit

Joseph Salanitro - Reply

Hey @romanjoe1, sorry to hear about this - have you tried all the suggestions in step 6 of If so, please let us know and we can move forward with further troubleshooting. Thanks for your patience.

Alina - Reply


Recieved my Palette 2s Pro and Hub yesterday (11/30). Hve been trying to update firmware per the “How To Get Started With Palette 2” instructions, step 3. Downloaded the Firmware Updated and I can’t get it to recognize my unit. I’ve followed all trails to firmware troubleshooting, etc. with no sucess. I get “Error: no ports to check).

Randy Metzger - Reply

Hey Randy, could you make sure that P2 is turned on and if you still get “no ports to check,” could you please download the necessary driver as in step 6 here ( Please let us know if this does not solve your issue. Thanks for your patience with this.

Alina -


Did as instructed. First try failed but the error message changed to “No P2 device…”. Connected to a different USB port, tried again, and was met with a sucessful update. Thank you for the prompt reply and excelent advise. Hopefully the rest of my set-up nad tuning of my unit goes smoothly. At least I know I can get quick response and help if needed.


Randy Metzger - Reply

Hey Randy, that’s great to hear - please don’t hesitate to reach out if you run into any more issues.

Alina -

My Windows 10 Pro PC will not recognize the device. I get a yellow exclamation mark in the device manager “FT230X” and I have attempted to remove and add it several times. No luck. Where can I get the correct drivers to make this work?

luc Roy - Reply

Sorry to hear about this, could you please download the driver from step 6 here:

Alina -

Trying to install the firmware on a new Pallet 2S and the Firmware software comes back with a “No ports to check” error. I’ve tried all my PC (Windows 10) usb ports. I open the device manager and the FT230X Basic UART device shows an exclamation mark. Where can I get the drivers for the Mosaic 2s?

Charles Oisten - Reply

Hey Charles, please find the drivers and the troubleshooting steps at:

Let us know if you have any questions about the steps, or continue to have issues updating firmware.

Alina -

I’m having difficulties trying to update firmware. I keep getting an error: opening COM4: Access denied. HELP !!!

M Scott Murphy - Reply

Hey Scott, “access denied” usually means the COM port is being used by another device or application. Please make sure Palette is the only device connected to your computer, and close any applications that use serial communications (i.e. Arduino, other slicers).

Alina -

Hi i’ve just received my Palette 2 and unable to get it to update on windows 10, but getting the error “Error (No P2 devices detected)”. I tried as per the comments to update the drivers from the attached links in step 6 and then restarted the PC, but still getting the same error. Please someone help.

James Peverley - Reply

Hey James, when you go to “Advanced Settings” on the updater, do you see a COM port listed for your Palette? If not, this is likely an issue with the I/O board on Palette. Please email us at and we can send you a new one ASAP. If you do see a COM port, but still get the “no P2 devices detected” error, then we will need to send you a new screen PCB.

Alina -

I just installed this for mac os and it says it can’t be run because “Palette 2 Firmware Updater” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.”


William Bradford - Reply

Hey William, are you able to go into your security settings (from system preferences) and allow the updater to be installed?

Alina -

I am trying to update my Palette 2S Pro and unable to get it to update on windows 10, keep getting the error “Error (No P2 devices detected)”. I tried everithing to update it but still getting the same error. Please help.

Fernando Santiago - Reply

Hi Fernando, sorry for the trouble. Could you please try the troubleshooting steps in this article:

Specifically downloading the drivers, this often resolves the issue. Let us know if you have any questions about the steps.

Alina -

If you are having trouble, turn palette off, plug in the usb to your computer with the computer on, then turn palette on.

Thank you Mosaic for making this firmware update so easy.

paul W - Reply

Thanks Paul for your feedback!

Alina -

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