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by Frank Rupert Catapang

    • A bend of the filament being caught somewhere inside of Palette. Fix this by straightening the filament as best as you can before feeding them into your Palette/Palette+.

    • The setup of your filament going into Palette. It is crucial to ensure that your filament spools can easily be pulled when printing. If your filament is not on spools, please pay special attention to this. For spooled filament, we've provided a spooling solution using our Spool Pal slips in combination with the Palette/Palette+ purple box.

    • An internal jam inside of Palette/Palette+. To check this, turn your Palette/Palette+ off, unscrew the lid using the provided hex keys, and visually inspect the filament pathway to see if a jam is present. If there is a jam present, follow the next steps.

    • Plug the power supply in and turn on Palette/Palette+.

    • insert a filament into Drive 1.

    • Access the menu and select Utilities > Jog > Drive 1 with outgoing drive.

    • Manually spin the dial so that it pushes the filament all the way through your Palette/Palette+, which will push the smaller piece out the exit tube.

    • Once this is complete, reverse the spin of the dial and "jog" the filament back out of Drive 1.


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