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How to get a consistent print: When do I accept calibration data?

I constantly struggle with my palette getting out of calibration.

Right now I’m printing an object multiple times in a row. The first one printed perfectly. It asked if I wanted to save or ignore calibration data. I couldn’t see the ping data but the part looked perfect so I tapped save. Now every time I print it there is 1-2 messed up layers around the 5-6 layer range and then it gets back in sync.

How do you all know when to accept or ignore calibration data? Do others have this issue?

The one time it worked best for me was when I had a perfect print and I just shut off the palette instead of selecting either. I was able to print ~12 prints all perfect. Then for some reason I decided to save it and it messed up and I had to re-calibrate it again.

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I will say that I'm using the palette in accessory mode and not using a hub. Is it way more reliable with the hub/connected mode?


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Hey @imbeyondboredom, thanks for reaching out about this. While the Hub does make calibration easier, you should be able to calibrate in accessory mode as well. We have a helpful article here on when you should save ping data.

We can also help you get calibrated if you provide the following information:

Did you complete the calibration keychain as in If so, could you send me a photo of the print and the tower (top and bottom)?

Do you have the associated ping data for the calibration keychain print? Instructions on how to access ping data in accessory mode (no Hub) can be found at and instructions to access ping data in connected mode (with a Hub) can be found at Ping data is very important in troubleshooting calibration errors (

Could you send me a photo of your Palette and printer setup, with a focus on the filament path as it enters the extruder?

Could you share your CANVAS keychain project (instructions here: Please make sure to share the model, as well as the printer profile.

Thanks in advance for putting this all together, and please let me know if you have any questions.

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The linked articles were great thank you. I typically can’t use a print with an incorrect layer so maybe my tolerance for failure was causing me to not save calibration data incorrectly.

My settings are pretty good right now. When they get out of alignment again I will post again with specific details. Thank you for your help!


No problem, Charlie - please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns!


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