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Error code 104: Filament could not be moved to target splice position

Hi, I’m getting error code 104 with the description:

“Filament could not be moved to target splice position“.

To my understanding it seems to be a problem with the homing switch?

But i’ve trying replacing it with the spare one and I’m still getting this problem.

It keeps happening in the middle of large prints after many successful splices

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Hey @nicklashug, thanks for reaching out about this. This error usually means there is a broken piece of filament on the way to the splice core, or there is a jam in the core, or the homing switch needs to be replaced. After you replaced the homing switch, and you experienced this error again, was it because of a broken piece of filament or a jam?

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No there is no jam or filament stuck anywhere.

When the print fails, the light next to the homing switch are turned on even though there is no filament there


Hey Nicklas, does this light disappear when you manually turn the cutter wheel (located right underneath the homing switch)? There are 2 lights on the homing switch: 1 for filament, and 1 for the cutter wheel. The one for the cutter wheel will be on when the magnet from the cutter wheel is in contact with the switch. That being said, it sounds like you might need to replace your homing switch one more time. If you email us your shipping address to, we can send one out ASAP.


Very interesting. I have been struggling with the same problem with my 2S Pro since purchasing it in early February. The only tip of the support was to clean all drive wheels. My longest print was 37.2 meters long. All of the supplied slice tubes have now been used up. I was allowed to buy it myself. Then the tip to install a new home switch, but this would not be part of the guarantee. The German customer will probably not get any support ...


@michmo Hey Michael, if your homing switch needs to be replaced, please reach out to us at with a receipt and your shipping address, we would be happy to help.


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