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Why bring out new hardware when the slicer is in need of major upgrade

I just started working with my palette 2 and so far my biggest complaint by far is the weak slicer. Why bring out the Palette 3 or whatever you launched yesterday when your slicer is in need of some major upgrades. Upgrades that are standard in most slicers. Better support options. Options to adjust settings on various parts of the print. Options for better cooling control.

Overall your slicer seems old and outdated.

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1) I am not a fan of prusaslicer.

2) I shouldn't have to use a number of different pieces of 3rd party software when they claim to have created their own designed to be used specifically with their equipment. It is already too easy for them to blame the printer for causing issues, a 3rd party slicer increases their ability for lackluster support.


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I strongly agree here with Jim’s statement. Your slicer needs major attention.

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I would like to have on the same page of Canvas Hub the extrusion key together with the xyz movement controls and also the gcode drawing that is created during printing ... it would be very important to lighten the movements without changing the page while checking the situation and while Palette starts and 3d printing.

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I have bought a palette Pro 3 and I am disappointed by the lightest of the software / slicer. Its useful for you to upgrade this for you and all community.

After use of prusa slicer for a long time (4-5 year), this software its juste very good and the update is useful. Old user of mmu units for my prusa, I go to you product for a better hardware, juste the black point its the software, need more attention

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I’ve just ordered my Pro 3 - my first Palette - and I’ve got to be honest I’m really concerned that this may have been a costly mistake!

The photo’s I’m continually seeing of CANVAS prints with really bad layer lines has me concerned - its just not an option.

If I understand the Pro 3 won’t support Octoprint (so no Prusa Slicer script) and further if I’ve got this right, I need to go via a convoluted process to get descent one stl files into multi-coloured prints - ie. MeshMixer (to paint supports), Prusa Slicer and then Chroma.

Please, please throw some serious resources at your CANVAS slicer!

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Hey Andrew, while P3 will not support OctoPrint, it will have its own custom printer control software, and you will be able to use PrusaSlicer, as there will be a P3PP plugin ( Once the calibration print is completed, you will be able to have successful, well calibrated prints with Palette.


Thank you for your response and glad to here the will be a P3PP plug-in.

With all due respect, there are so many voices of discontent on CANVAS that I think Mosaic just needs to own it as CANVAS is major drawback to potential consumers.

If Mosaic seriously wants to be a major force in the market, it needs to stop being in denial and re-launch CANVAS as an impressive multi-colour slicer. Otherwise Mosaic will miss the opportunity to a have a seriously large foot print in the future of what is currently a market that is still in its embryonic stage.


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The simplicity (and I use that term extremely politely) of the canvas slicer is an insult to the ones who dedicated time and attention to detail in all facets of 3d printing pre-production workflow, and midgetizes the true potential of the Palette ecosystem as a whole. It’s like putting 6 gears in, but no shifter.

If the consumer is to take a gamble on a non-returnable machine- at least give them all the tools available to the craft, and in an executable.

The one saving grace in case you haven’t heard already @jd2112 , P2PP post-processor allows you to use PS to do your heavy lifting concerning slicing. Prusa for the win (again)

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