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Do I control temperature and movement / extrusion on a single page?


it would be nice and useful for everyone if you could modify the program in Canvas Hub in the pages that control temperature and movement / extrusion which in my opinion could be put on a single page. I find it difficult to change the page to extrude and control the temperature. It would be a great change and it would be easier to keep everything under control ..... I would also put the gcode drawing of the print step by step on the same page! In the same place a "STOP Immediate Print" button would also be needed to lock together both Palette, Canvas Hub and the printer immediately in case of an error. Having always used Repieter Host, on the other hand, I find it frustrating to constantly change the page on Octoprint Canvas Hub to keep an eye on the whole situation. In my opinion it would be appropriate to suggest it to the developers of the program!

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Hey @vivedo3d, thanks so much for this feedback - we will make sure to pass this onto the Hub team for future consideration. Please let us know if you’d like to include anything else!

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If I really could ask what I would like: I would like not to stress myself to change the page when I have to set the temperature of the extruder and then change the page to extrude .... then I would not want to change the page and then check the progress of the print in the gcode look. then always there on the same page, temperature control, print end time, immediate stop of the extruder motors in case of problems, without having to wait for Palette to decide to switch off the print with ease ... but really immediate. It would be very convenient to have separate x, y, z movement keys on this single page, with separate return to base. Ultimately I would like the convenience of Repieter Host slicing to be reproduced where everything is much more convenient. And if there was a language package for translation, it would be perfect! Thanks

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Thank you for clarifying - I'll be sure to include this in the feedback. Thanks again!


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