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Initial set up issues

I am trying to set this up on my direct driver printer that is in an enclosure. I have the palette 2 mounted on top of the enclosure with the medium bowden feeding through a plug. This set up works great with a strand of regular filament, however this bowden tube is causing problems. It will not stay in the clip provided. As the assembly moves it comes out. It also is too stiff and gets in the way of vertical movement.

Can I do the following?

1) Install the small bowden from palette 2 to plug.

2) Home the machine.

3) add the distance from the extruder gears to the bottom of the bowden and call that total the length of the bowden in the software?

This length will change as the printer runs. Will this change cause an issue or is the software smart enough to know, providing I am accurate in my measurements?

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Been thinking.

Do I have to use your Bowden tube? Can I use my own and set the length in the Palette 2 settings?

I am thinking of looking at something more flexible that will move better with my hot end along the X and Z axis but still maintain a set distance between the Palette 2 and the hot end.


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2 Answers

Hey @jd2112, thanks for your question. Unfortunately, this would cause your prints to fall off calibration (colours will end up in the wrong places). The distance from Palette to the nozzle (the loading offset) has to be accurate and controlled throughout the entire print. It would be best to move Palette within the enclosure or use the longest tube provided (1100 mm) to ensure that it doesn’t pop out of the clip.

Please note that if you do change the outgoing tube length, you will have to reset to factory defaults (settings -> preferences -> reset) and then run the keychain one more time to calculate your new loading offset ( Let us know if you have any questions about this.

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Inside the enclosure is not an option. Below are the issues with the Bowden tube you supplied. I have yet to run any prints as I can't get the tube to stay in place.

1) Too stiff to bend with movement of the hot end.

2) does not fit inside the BMG extruder.

3) Flexing of tube either pulls the tube out or pulls the retaining clip off the extruder. This is directly related to #1.

Can I use a different Bowden tube that will flex more?

I am still not quite understanding the 2 modes, accessory vs connected. I don't want the pallette 2 to control my printer because canvass does not have the control that other slicers have. But I don't think I can do supports without using canvas to slice because then the colorblending will get messed up.

In accessory mode does it still need to have a set length between the palette 2 and the hot end?

If the software knows the start position it should be able to calculate the splices during the slicing. It knows the movement from home, speeds, feedrate, etc.

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Hey Jim, accessory mode means you are using Palette without the Hub, so you are transferring print files to SD cards rather than to the Hub webpage. Connected mode means you are using Palette and the Hub, so that you are transferring print files to the Hub page rather than using the SD cards. The Hub also gives you access to advanced settings, such as "slow down during splice" (

In both cases though, the distance from Palette to the nozzle needs to be constant and controlled in order for your prints to stay calibrated. If you have a different tube that is more flexible, it may be possible to use this instead if you know the exact distance of this tube, and then input this distance as a "custom length" during startup of Palette. However, we would not really recommend this because a more flexible tube will bend more, which will put stress on the splices, which can cause them to break.


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