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Large Transition tower using Chroma!


I have been using Chroma with my Palette+ for sometime with out many issues. Lately I read a thread on Reddit which caught my attention regarding Canvas. I haven’t used Canvas much at all really but decided to give it a go.

The first and most noticeable aspect was the size of the transition tower. It’s tiny!

Block Image

Now compare that to the Chroma version

Block Image

I have used the same files in both instances. The Chroma version has been sliced with PrusaSlicer, my default Palette+ Profile. The Canvas version is the PrusaSlicer profile exported as a config.ini and imported in to Canvas with out any edits other than the start and end gcodes tweaks.

I have uninstalled Chroma & reinstalled, set my printer up and re-calibrated. I have done much the same in Canvas but used the Calibration values taken from Chroma.

I have followed the trouble shooting and tipple checked my PrusaSlicer profile, using the suggested settings.

So my question is why the big differences in the size of the transition towers? Is this something I have missed or is there that much of a difference between the local & on-line versions?

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Hi, i have the same problem even if i change the tower density the tower doesn't fit my bed (300x300) ! There is a real problem with Chroma...


It sure is. I have tried to setup PP2P (a plugin for the Slic3r variants) which takes advantage of the MMU purger tower. I would definitely like to see that size purge tower in Chroma and Canvas. As for PP2P I haven't come very far with it as I need to tweak a few settings and recently I have had an issue with on Palette+ which cause me to have to reset all of my current profiles & settings. I may take another look at it again soon though.


Hey Luke, would you mind sending me your GCode and Chroma profile to see if we can figure out why the tower is so large? You can send it to


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Hi Malc, this relates to the output of the slicer and how it places toolchanges. It looks like PrusaSlicer sliced the keychain to have two transitions on the bottom of the tower and throughout the part whereas Canvas sliced it so that there is one per layer, leading to a smaller tower. However, please note that the Chroma tower is mostly very sparse, so it’s not using much more filament. However, it does take up more bed space.

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Is there anyway to have Chroma produce the same density of transition towers? I would like to save as much bed for prints as possible, the weight of the transition tower doesn’t concern me as much as the size of it.



Hey Malc, please ensure that you have Advanced Settings turned on (Tools > Preferences) and you'll have the ability to adjust the tower density and size under the Transitions tab.


Sorry, a very late reply.

I have tried many setting in Chroma and none change the size of the purge tower for such a small print. Sure I can change the shape and position but it is still the same relative size. I have also found that the purge tower in Chroma is generally a lot larger that using Canvas. I would use Canvas but, well I just don't like it. But that’s for another day....


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