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What software can simulate gradient or pattern modes?

Is there a way to drag a single color model into any of the software and simulate things like gradient mode or pattern mode to tune how I want to to look and just use that as the gcode? With some models, I have no idea what its going to look like so being able to tune the lengths per color would add alot of functionality

If not, I would think this would be a great feature.

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Hey @sworcester, thanks for your feedback. While it is not currently possible to prepare prints for gradient/pattern mode on Canvas, you do have some control over the mode via the Palette screen. If you have a specific pattern you would like to see, currently the best way to do this is to paint it on Canvas. However, I will pass this on as a feature request to the Canvas team.

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Because canvas deals with it as facets, there is no way to say paint in vertical or horizontal layers that I can see


@sworcester It might be difficult to manually paint on layers of exact heights - if you are able to turn the model into a multi body STL (where each body represents a painted layer), and then drag the colours onto each STL, this would be the easiest and most accurate way.


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