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My ABS splices are fragile

I’m having trouble tuning my palette 2s for ABS. I tried toying around with different splice settings but each time I changed a setting, I just created another problem. I am using black matchbox ABS and inland yellow ABS, each a brand new spool. it seems to be weak just before the splice and a bend in the PTFE tube or a quick retraction is enough to crack it free. Check out the attaches picture. What am I missing here?

Block Image

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I spent more time splice tuning, even disabling endurance mode. I watched carefully as filament moved through. A frequent problem I’m seeing is the filament splice breaks in the buffer and jams at the scroll wheel.

I’m starting to wonder if hatchbox is just crap filament.


Hey Sean, as long as the tolerance on the filament is +/- 0.03 mm or less, it should be good for splicing. You can also try replacing the splice tube in the core if you find you continue to have weak splices.


I just tried again with some PLA filaments. one spool ran out, the other was fed in and fused, and it made it out of the buffer, but then broke in the tube to the extruder. It's not working.


@mentaluproar By the spool running out, do you mean filament was fed non-stop through Palette? If a splice broke within the tube at 0,0,0 could you try 1,0,0 (increase heat by 1)? Does this create a less brittle splice? As long as the splice core is lighting up during a splice, this should mean the splice settings are being applied.


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Hey @mentaluproar, thanks for reaching out about this. Please check out our suggested splice settings for ABS on our splice tuning guide here. What are the splice settings you are using? Is the above photo from a splice tuning test or from a failed print?

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Splice testing gives me those. They look fine but put a little pressure on them and they break. I’ve tried the 4 0 -6 and tried bumping a few in each direction and got nowhere.


@mentaluproar It might be easier to start at 0,0,0 and adjust the settings from there. If the splices are brittle, as above, add 1 increment of heat and cool at a time. You can also send us a small sample of your filament, and we can run the splice tuning on our end. If this interests you, please send us an email to


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