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The spliced Filament is to long to properly attache the guide tube.

Dear Mosaic-Team and community,

I’m currently using the Palette 2 (via octoprint) with an BondTech BMG-M extruder and mosquito hotend.

At the beginning of a print the palette starts filament production as usual and lets about 5cm (2 inches) of filament peek out at the end of the guide tube (medium length).

If I now push the filament into the extruder until the gears grip the filament, there are still 2cm (1 inch) of filament left over, which means that I cannot push the guide tube into the rubber grommet. Which in the end leads to the smarloading feature not working properly (wrong extrusion length) and the wrong colors being printed.

Is there a possibility to shorten the length of the filament sticking out or even a workaround like shortening the guide tube only in the palette settings ?

Thank you very much ! Kind regards Benno.

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Hey @benno, thanks for reaching out about this. After you insert filament into your extruder, can you please manually extrude the extra filament (you can use the control tab in OctoPrint) until you can push the tube into the clip? This should not interfere with Smart Load, as the smart load value (the distance between Palette and your nozzle) is significantly larger than the amount you will manually extrude (~1 inch). After you have secured the tube in the clip, then you can press “Smart Load”. Hope that helps and please let us know if you run into any issues with this.

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Are you using the long tube by chance? I had the same problem - the solution was to make a custom tube length that is shorter to solve the issue. It’s been reported it’s a known issue on the long tube in the firmware.

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