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Wipe tower is 4x higher than the print

Brand new, trying to print the keychain on on an MK3S, sliced it on canvas (4 colors) and it prints the 1st layer color correct and then goes off and prints a wipe tower (or whatever it is called) many layers up. Then goes back to print the next layer, same color, but many layers up in space. So we get a birdsnest.

Could be that I don’t know Canvas or what I am doing, totally cool with that.

But the tutorials don’t cover enough solutions to given problems

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Hey @sworcester, thanks for reaching out, we can definitely help you get set up. In order for us to start troubleshooting, could you please provide us with:

1) your CANVAS keychain project (instructions for sharing here); please make sure to share the model as well as the printer profile

2) photos of your Palette and printer setup, with a focus on the filament path as it enters the extruder

You can send this information to to open a support ticket, or provide us with the information here. Thanks for your patience!

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If I load the STL into the slicer, I get these two distinct layers, would that account for the gap?

Block Image

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well, this is what happens if you only load one of the models.


Yes, please import both STL's into Canvas - the keychain is made of 2 bodies. Then, please drag and drop your desired colours onto each body (do not use the painting feature).


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