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Is it possible to manually splice two sections of filaments?

I end up with a number of filament medium to short ends ends which I run through the palette to create 1 long multi-coloured filament. Is it possible to manually use the splicing module to manually fuse two sections with out running both through the inputs. That is is it possible to reengineer the software to permit inserting a section at the output end?

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Hey @andyp60, thanks for your question. It is not possible to use the splice core standalone, it must be within Palette in order to splice filament.

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That would be a great function if available someday. I also end up with a lot of pieces of filament which would be perfect for some kind of DIY rainbow like filament. It would be great for the environment as well as we would keeping those pieces away from the dustbin.

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Hey @vorchak, you could use Palette's Multi Spool Mode ( to splice together left over filament. You can then roll the spliced filament onto a spool and use it to run a print in random or pattern mode.


Hi @alina , thanks for the suggestion, however that is not really practical when I have tens of different filament strands. Each piece is typically around 1-2 meters. When using the Multi Spool mode, if I choose all 4 inputs I know that if input 1 is out, it will automatically switch to 2, then 3 and then 4. But if 4 is also out, would it switch back to 1? If so, I could use this method to splice all of the filament leftovers I have.


Yes, that's correct - if input 4 is out, then Palette should switch back to input 1 to pull filament.


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