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calibrating vs first print


i’m a newbie in printing with my palette 2S.

I have some calibration issues and hope somebody can give me some hints what to do…

Following steps:

First of all i did the calibration…

….i didn’t changed anything…

Then i print the calibration print…was good but not 100%, just a small delay

….again i didn’t changed anything…

After that i printed again that calibration print and this was nearly perfect…so i thought the learning process started….

….i didn’t changed anything…

And now i tried to print a small peace with 4 different colors…

but after a good start, the color change begun to come to early…..

every ping was between 106%-108%…i think way to high…

every pong was between 100%-101%… i think OK…

The print doesn’t end complete, that means my extruder runs out before the print ends…

End result was not looking good but following the instructions here i decided to save the data after print.

Was this correct? Or better not saving this?

Is this issue a normal learning process or have i to calibrate completely new from beginning?

Please give me a tip what to do next…going ahead with next prints or better beginning new from factory reset….

My printer is an anycubic Chiron, and was really good calibrated before connected with hub to palette.



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Hey @creader, thanks for reaching out - we can definitely help you get calibrated. In order to troubleshoot how you first keychain print went, can you please provide me with:

  1. your keychain CANVAS project (instructions for sharing here)
  2. the full ping data for the keychain print (instructions for downloading ping data here)
  3. a photo of your Palette and printer setup, with a focus on the filament as it enters the extruder
  4. a photo of the keychain and tower print (top and bottom)

It may be easier to send all of this information to

Thanks in advance for putting this all together - let me know if you have any questions.

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@alina thanks for your reply, but the calibration now is ok….but one problem still exist.

My prints doesn't end complete…Means at the end there is not enough filament and my extruder runs empty…its not much just 1-2cm….

Which value have i to de-increase?

(Bowden printer)

I will not try something without knowing because im glad that the calibration works…

Is possible to set a safty reserve about 5-10cm so it never runs out? It could be an extra setting so we can decide how much we put at the end of the print…

Thanks and nice weekend.


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Hey Lars, if you go to your printer profile on CANVAS, and then to the Extruder tab, you can increase the Bowden tube length to solve this issue. I would over estimate this value as all it does is add filament to the end of your print to make sure it finishes. Let me know if you have any questions!


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