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Palette 2 (S) (Pro)

The newest generation of Palette, the multi-material solution for 3D printing. Resources for Palette 2, Palette 2 Pro, Palette 2S, and Palette 2S Pro.

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print action: cancel after 3 layers of print

hello, my palette after 3 layers send action: cancel to klipper and stop print

log say something like this:

Sending current ping info O31 D43d5945d

Ping 1, 125 percent

Ping variation is too high, cancelling print

Stats 6653.1: gcodein=0 mcu: mcu_awake=0.030 mcu_task_avg=0.000034 mcu_task_stddev=0.000073 bytes_write=5429754 bytes_read=2320671 bytes_retransmit=0 bytes_invalid=0 send_seq=143227 receive_seq=143227 retransmit_seq=0 srtt=0.001 rttvar=0.000 rto=0.025 ready_bytes=19 upcoming_bytes=0 freq=71997460 heater_bed: target=50 temp=50.8 pwm=0.000 sd_pos=77517 sysload=1.43 cputime=587.349 memavail=713016 print_time=14115.953 buffer_time=2.783 print_stall=6 extruder: target=210 temp=210.0 pwm=0.386

Exiting SD card print (position 77550)


What sould i change to avoid this error?

Aktualizacja (19.05.2023)

Ok, i start again, restore to factory palette, calibrate it, check extruder esteps and try to print keychain witch my profile from prusa slicer into canvas. And print stops with first ping

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What i need to do now? @guyelston

Answer this question I have this problem too

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Hi @aostudio, thank you for your message. Can you clarify how you were able to access these logs, are these debugging tools from Klipper? We'll do what we can to look into this further.

Update (05/19/2023)

Hi @aostudio, I recently saw your update about factory resetting. You mentioned checking e-steps, but have you also re-done the calibration?

Perhaps the approach we can take here is to try to address the high pings to prevent the error message.

Can you check the extrusion width and multiplier in Canvas?

Can you also do a quick test on the scroll wheel? The scroll wheel measures the filament as it exits the unit and also relates to pinging. To check the encoder wheel, can you go to Settings > About and find the value for "encoder." Then, please take off the acrylic top cover and physically rotate the "scroll" wheel 360 degrees with your finger while watching this "encoder" value change. Let me know how this value changed after rotating it 360 degrees - it should go from ~0 to a value in the -/+ 2000's.

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hey, yes - thats from mainsail log file. Palette dont show error, just hang and send action canceled


Hi @aostudio, thanks for your response! One other question I'd like to ask, are you using Prusaslicer/P2PP (


Im using canvas with profile from prusa slicer


@aostudio I updated my response above with some steps to try, thank you for your cooperation. Please let me know your extrusion settings in Canvas, and what you find after testing the scroll wheel.


@aordono i think problem maybe is in canvas, i check that wheel and shows almost ideal 2k


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