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Constant fail prints due to bad splicing

My palette 3 pro suddenly decided to make bad splices when printing, haven't been get a succesful print in almost a month because of this...i've waste more filament trying to tune in the splice settings than actually printing.

The filament I use are overture purple and pink and the rest are hatchbox... I never had this problem before the diameter of the splice are between 1.9-2.1 mm

Any help is appreciated

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Hello @guyelston I regret to inform you that it's happening again, the splices begin made arw again 1.9-2.1 mm in diameter, I've done a million splice tunning (again) and the prints fail every single time[image|7059]


Hi @hlrodri, sorry to hear that.

- What splice settings do you use normally?

- Please can you remove the splice tube and inspect it for deformities?

If you're using high compression setting, this could cause the tube to expand, creating these very thick splices


I normally use 1-0-1 I already replaced the splice tube twice still the same thing like last time


Okay, thank you. We'll work to get this resolved as soon as we can.

- When you replace the splice tube, is the old one deformed or bent? Or does it look okay?

- Can you check the splice core fan, following step 3 here Replacing the Fans

Please share a picture of the fan with me

- Can you also share another video of your Palette while splicing, so we can check again for any irregularities

It might be easier if you share this with me at


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Hi @hlrodri, I'm sorry you've seen this issue, I know it's frustrating. I'm sure we can get to the bottom of this with some more troubleshooting.

First, please can you replace the splice tube, before testing more splices? I see you had problems with a splice tube stuck in your splice core a while ago, and used a hex key to clear it. Please could you also try to inspect the splice core for any internal damage.

After replacing the splice tube, please try 2,-1,2 settings, film the splice again and share the video with me. Please measure the splice again too.

Please note that the kind of splice settings you mention in your other post (8,-6,8 or all negatives) will definitely result in poor splices. We want to keep the settings as close to the normal range for PLA as we can.

Let me know how you get on,


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Hello @guyelston I already changed the splice tube twice, I did check the splice core when the tube broke to see if it had damage, it did not, thankfully the hex key only touched the tube and not the interior of the core.

The settings you mention (2, -1, 2) I already tried it last night and got a splice of 2.0 mm in diameter. The ones I mentioned (8 -6 8 and all negative) where the range of settings I tried... I seriously tried a bunch of combinations and all of them failed... most of them got stuck like the one in the video and the others where 1.9 mm which got stuck in the extruder. I change the filament and used only hatchbox, only overture, hatchbox/overture and the same thing happened


@guyelston once again it didn't work happened the exact same thing... I ended uo ordering a new splice core because that's the only thing I got left to try... I'm not going to waste another $800 ordering a new one if it's not going to last even a year... extremely disappointed With this machine started out great but still can't believe it didn't even last a whole year


@hlrodri Sending you a new replacement splice core was our next step, I have provided a refund on your order for the cost of the splice core and shipping.

I would suggest returning to the original splice settings you had success with previously. I'll also link you to these tips for extending splice tube life and reducing jams: Extending Splice Tube Life and Reducing Jams

Let me know how you get on with the new splice core!



@guyelston Will do... It might take a while since I live outside the US but I will keep you posted... Thanks for the help


Hello @guyelston Just letting you know I recently got the new splice core and in fact that was the problem I was having... the spliced filament are finally having the correct diameter


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