How do I add cura to the splicer in canvas

every time i try to use accesery mode in canvas my cr 10v3 makes alot of stringing and has a hard time setting the first layer.

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Hi there, at this time, there is no way to import a Cura profile into Canvas. However, if you'd like to share your Canvas settings with us, we can make recommendations on how to avoid these issues. Usually stringing can be addressed by increasing your retractions and/or lowering print temp. For first layer issues, you may need to adjust your z-offset, and we find that adhesion methods like gluestick or painter's tape helps with the first layer of prints.


it realley funny when i run my printer off cura i have no stringing when i run of canvas slicer it looks likme my prints have beards of stringing the pallatte hos no issues just canvas in regular mode or accessory mode i get alot off stringing its quite funny


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