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Input not retracting far enough after cut

First time using the machine in a while and I found that after a splice and cut, the input gear was not retracting the filament far enough. It would end up sitting just past where the input channels 1 & 2 meet, so when it would switch between them they would crash into each other and jam. Ended up moving input 2 to 3 to avoid the crash but the problem was still there.

I changed the file for different purge volumes (I was having another problem) and it seemed to go away. Any idea how the two could be related?

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Hi @alexowen, I'm not sure if this is related to adjusting the purge volumes, it may be hardware related. Can you try the following?

  • Using the Controls > Drive menu, are you able to move filament forward and backwards on drives 1 and 2. Do you notice if the filament loses grip or if there's any slippage?
  • As you do this, also try to observe the ingoing drive as you move forward and back. Do you notice if it stalls?

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I just did this and no, I see no slippage at all. Even when I pull back on the filament as I move it forward it does not skip or slow down. When the motor is not moving, I can pull the filament out (with excessive force mind you, not as if it weren't engaged with that cam), but not when the motor is moving. I also moved the filament very far inward and back out so I could watch the motor go for a longer period, but I observed no stalls.

I didn't think it actually had to do with the purge volumes either, that doesn't make much sense. However, that was the only think that I changed between the first and second trial, and this problem went away (hopefully for good). It really seems like just a bug in that first .mcfx, but I'm not sure what fixed it.


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