Canvas plugin for Octoprint does not work

Canvas plugin for Octoprint does not work, I have tried for days and at my wits end. Why you do not have an official Octoprint plugin is beyond me. Stop making new products and fix the ones you already have sold.

New install of Octoprint 1.8.7

Canvas 3.0.3 loaded from URL

Palette2 3.0.1 loaded from URL

I have tried every combination and nothing will make Canvas show up. I can use Canvas 2.3.3 and it will show but nothing will work.

You guys gets a lot of money for these units and we deserve a working product.

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I downgraded to 1.6.1 and it just showed up, then did a restart and upgrade to 1.8.7 and it's still there!!!

These are the downgrade code

# ~/oprint/bin/pip install

2. sudo service octoprint restart


Hi Adam, could you please re-flash the Hub's image file?


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