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Plugin for Duet 3 RRF with RPI

Hi All,

from the Duet/Reprap forum I know that many people are interested…. Are there any plans to develop a plugin for the Duet board/Duet web control? Most Duet 3 users are running it via an attached Raspberry so perhaps that would makes it easier.

Thanks, Martin

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As an alternative it would be nice if it would be possible to be able to copy files to the inserted SD card via USB. Is that possible? I’m using a self designed wall mount and it is quite hard to remove/insert the SD card without pulling Palette out of the mount.


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Hey @martinnyhc, thanks for reaching out. While we don’t have future plans to develop a plugin for the Duet board, this is something I can pass on as a feature request to the appropriate team. I can also pass on the request to copy files via USB, as this is currently not possible. Please let us know if you have any other suggestions or feedback, it’s always helpful for our team. Thanks again!

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Thanks. Support for the Duet3 would be awesome!

Regarding the copy to USB: I read something about an API for Palette. Is it already implemented and would it be possible to copy a file via API call?


Hm, the Palette itself does not have any network connection, so any API call would have to go through the Hub. If you added the Hub to your setup (you would need OctoPrint compatibility and a USB-B port), you could send your prints remotely rather than having to transfer files manually via an SD card or a USB. You can also create your own DIY Hub (


Is there a documentation for the serial communiction?


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