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Splice Settings not implemented

I have tuned splice settings for splicing pva-pla on my machine. I am able to get good results with 8-7-8 (heating, compression, cooling). I have applied these settings in the materials section in canvas. Both PLA->PVA and PVA-PLA settings have been save to MY-Materials > Splice settings. I then resliced my model and starter a print. However, the splicer is acting as if the 8-7-8 settings have not been applied. So the splices break immediately. How can I get the palette 2 to enact the splicer settings that I have given it?

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Hey @ksudheim, thanks for reaching out about this. Could you share your CANVAS project with us (instructions here) so we can take a look on our end and let you know if anything is missing? Thanks!

Update (10/20/2020)

Hey @ksudheim, thanks for sending that over. Please make sure that a material profile is selected for every colour swatch on CANVAS (every coloured circle). As I went through your swatches, I noticed that only one of the colours had a material profile applied with splice settings of 8,7,8. The others either had the default CANVAS material profile applied (which comes with splice settings of 0,0,0) or a custom material profile applied, but that also had splice settings of 0,0,0. You can check this as well by clicking on a colour swatch, scrolling beneath it to see which material profile was selected for it, and then clicking on “splice settings”. I have attached screenshots of how I did this for the colour pink. You can find the full instructions for implementing splice settings on CANVAS in step 4 here. Please let me know if you have any more questions about the steps, I’m happy to help.

Block Image

Block Image

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I updated the project with two new material profiles. A PLA material I named "KPLA" in drive 1 and a PVA material I named "KPVA" . I also updated the splice settings so that KPLA->KPVA and KPVA->KPLA have splice settings of 8,7,8. The splicer settings are still not being applied and break immediately. For completeness, I assigned the unused drives (3,4) to KPLA. The splicer settings are still not being applied and break immediately. I updated the shared version of the project with the new failed settings.


Hey Keith, thanks for sharing that. I went through the splice settings for each colour swatch in the project, and they are now 0, 0,0 for every drive. If you click on the colour swatch, and then click "splice settings" below, you can check the splice settings set for a combination of material profiles. After you create a material profile (1 for each unique type of filament), you have to input the splice settings to use between two material profiles. For example, if I had a material profile "PLA Pink" for filament 1 and a material profile "PLA Blue" for filament 2, I would then have to input splice settings to combines these two types of filament (

As a side note, this project seems to be in one colour only (pink). Is there a multi colour version of this project?


As you can see in my message above, I have tried exactly what you are describing and it failed. I created a two new materials. I applied the materials to separate color swatches. I then went into splice settings and entered the 8,7,8 settings for transitions from material 1 to material 2 and from material 2 to material 1. I then re-sliced the model. I exported the maf and gcode. I then started the print. The splice settings don’t get applied.

The model on my end includes drive 1 and 2. Drive 2 is dissolvable filament that forms the intersection of the supports and model.


Hey Keith, here is the share link to your project with your splice settings applied:

I created two material profiles, one called "PLA - Cerebellum" and another called "PVA - Cerebellum (2) ". I then went to splice settings, and input 8,7,8 for "PLA (Cerebellum)" -> "PVA (Cerebellum 2)", as well as 8,7,8 for "PVA (Cerebellum 2)" -> "PLA (Cerebellum)". Now, whenever Palette splices these two materials together, settings of 8,7,8 will be applied (I assumed that Drive 2 was PVA).

However, just as a note, for PLA -> PLA and PVA -> PVA, the splice settings are still at the default 0,0,0.

Let me know if this works!


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